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    According to recent reports, Apple has recently closed a deal with developer Peery Arrilaga for a custom two-building campus in Santa Clara, California. The new location just seems to be a short distance from the company’s current headquarters in Cupertino California. According to The Oakland Tribune:

    Apple and Peery Arrillaga declined to discuss the development and leasing deal. However, multiple sources with direct knowledge of the transaction told this newspaper that Apple has leased nearly 296,000 square feet from Peery Arrillaga in a deal that included demolition of existing buildings.
    The new campus includes two six-story office buildings that would seemingly hold 1,200 Apple employees. The first building is said to be 188,000 square feet with an expected completion date of mid-2014. The second building doesn’t even seem to have a start date for construction but will stand to be smaller with roughly 108,000 square feet.

    This new location isn’t the only location Apple seems to be working on building for itself. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s “Spaceship” campus is currently said to be completed in 2016. It isn’t much of a surprise to see Apple expanding as the company continues to experience success in various markets.

    Source: Bloomberg, The Oakland Tribune

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