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    Just one short week ago, MMi covered the rumblings about Apple possibly getting behind a major manufacturing plant in New York that would be used to build chips for the company's iPhones and iPads.

    Although New York Governor Andrew Cuomo personally suggested that Apple could be involved in the matter, no confirmation was given. This week, however, more information about the project emerged. But it has only served to raise additional questions.

    The Oregonian came out with a story this morning about Business Oregon, which is the state's economic development agency. As it turns out, Oregon may be competing with New York to win Apple's affection as the iDevice maker looks to settle on a location for its chip-making establishment.

    Here's what we can confidently tell you. Officials in both New York and Oregon are pursuing this so-called "Project Azalea." Apple is thought to be behind "Azalea" chiefly because of the grand scope of the endeavor.

    Documents obtained by The Business Review, an Albany, N.Y., weekly, describe that project as a 3.2-million-square-foot semiconductor factory that would employ at least 1,000 people.
    For now, Apple isn't commenting on the matter or confirming its involvement in this project. But we all know Apple could benefit enormously from a new semiconductor factory of this magnitude. So no one will be shocked if Apple's name surfaces in an official capacity in the weeks ahead.

    Source: Oregon Live
    2012-12-19 10:09 PM
  2. Italia411's Avatar
    Lets go Malta NY..Global Foundries has brought in many new jobs locally.
    2012-12-19 10:50 PM
  3. eightyk88's Avatar
    NY, NY! Upstate needs this! I want this to happen!
    2012-12-20 03:36 AM
  4. Lohand's Avatar
    Go go Buffalo!! Sun, Wind and Niagara Hydro! It would be a green powerhouse, what Apple aspires to "on paper", and an example to other corporations not to mention the enormous cost saving, green energy tax breaks and happy tree huggers. NY is a win, win all around. Sayin...
    2012-12-21 05:01 PM