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    Ok we'll when I run test in windows on both, all tests are better on the vm, also, see what kind of user performance your going to get if you run it on boot camp. Because I do I fact have a boot camp partition, along with parallels, and I'll state this now, the windows in parallels is not the boot camp partition. I set it up like that just to see what would be better, so by experience, I do no what I'm talking about.
    I am a Virtualization Engineer, I work with with massive virtualized environments for a living and have been working for the leading Virtualization company for 18 months now, Degree in Computer Science, VCP4 and VCP5 Certified. I know what I'm talking about and I think that trumps our "tests".
    Don't believe me, here's my linkedin profile.
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    Even with bare-metal hypervisors there is a performance hit with running a VM versus natively. The hit is quite small using a hypervisor like ESXi or Hyper-V but it's there. Hardware Layer -> Virtualization Layer -> VM

    With hosted VMs running in VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop, VMware Workstation etc, you are running a full OS on top of the Virtualization Application, on top of a full OS. There is a quite a large overhead. Hardware -> OS Layer -> Virtualization Layer -> VM
    2012-12-23 09:32 PM
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