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    Apple recently released an EFI Firmware Update for its mid-2012 MacBook Air models. Version 2.6 fixes a slew of annoying bugs that have been reported in Apple’s online help discussion forums for quite some time. According to Apple’s knowledge base article:

    About MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.6

    This update is recommended for MacBook Air (mid 2012) models.

    This update fixes a color issue with HDMI displays connected to MacBook Air, resolves an issue with Windows which can prevent MacBook Air from booting properly, and also resolves an issue where unplugging a Thunderbolt device may cause the system to freeze when waking from standby.
    Much like previous updates, the EFI Firmware Update is small, coming in at only 4.76 MB. Apple suggests that you have your MacBook Air plugged into its power supply when installing the update as well. Users who want to update can do so via Software update or by downloading the update from Apple’s support site.

    Source: Apple

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    2013-01-10 10:33 AM