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    After polling 67 separate analysts, 39 professional and 28 independent, CNN Money released their thoughts about Apple’s upcoming financial report, which is due on January 23rd. The consensus among the analysts is that Apple is likely going to report the best quarter it has ever had.

    The first quarter of the fiscal year 2013 is in fact one week less than that of Q1 of 2012, so the numbers when released will need to reflect the difference. Out of the analysts polled, the independent analysts however still believe that Apple will report earnings of $15.11 on sales of $58.84 billion, a year-over-year growth of 37% and 17% respectively. The professional analysts are predicting earnings of $13.45 on sales of $54.74 billion, representing a growth of 27% and 4% respectively. Either way you look at it, Apple seems to be looking at growth.

    CNN Money says the median estimate for earnings of $14.20 on sales of $55.96 billion (30% and 10% respectively) across all of the analysts surveyed. The predictions are very different from the current situation that Apple has been in, which is a decline of 27% in the stock price over the last three months. It’s still interesting to note that even with the decline, both professional and independent analysts still predict year-over-year growth for the Cupertino-based company. Regardless though, we’ll have to wait until January 23rd for the actual financial information to be released to its stockholders.

    Source: CNN Money via Cult of Mac

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    2013-01-17 09:10 AM
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    Of course. All this talk is a bunch of hot air, mostly perpetuated by people who stand to gain from the fluctuations. If I had cash to spend right now, the two stocks I'd buy today would be Apple and Boeing. Both have been hit by big news that, in the long run, will mean little to nothing, and eventually the market will realize that and the stock will normalize. I said the same thing with BP after the spill.Their stock went down to around $27, and was back up to $42 in a couple of months. That's over a 50% gain in a couple of months! And insanely more if you bought call options.
    2013-01-17 07:53 PM
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    The critics that are screaming right now are intellectually lazy. They're throwing temper tantrums instead of looking at the big picture. Like two-year-olds, they don't really know what they want. And they're not happy when they get it, anyway. Apple could unveil a new car and they'd say Apple's days are over because it's just bet its future on an industry it knows nothing about. Not unlike, say, Apple's entrance into the mobile phone industry. I bet that if Apple did unveil a time machine, they'd claim it wasn't fast enough.

    Tim Cook is taking exactly the right approach, staying the course, despite distracting expectations swirling around him. Apple is a marvel of human achievement. Why waste the beautiful sight of it by casting your gaze on a group of misbehaving children who have never accomplished anything remotely close to it in concept or scale and don't have the faintest understanding of how something this remarkable operates and grows in the first place?
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    2013-01-18 04:57 AM
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