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    With the new year off to a rough start for Apple's stock, one analyst is trying to ease investor concern by noting that comparisons to a strong 2012 will begin to ease as the year goes on. Maynard Um of Wells Fargo Securities recently said that just a year ago, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 shared common components, which helped to boost Apple’s gross margins. Along with a record setting launch of the Phone 4S in the 2011 December quarter, he believes Apple is left with a tough comparison for the start of the year.

    Ultimately, Um see’s Apple’s difficult 2012 comparisons easing as the year goes on. He expects that Apple’s next iPhone, which is currently presumed to be the “iPhone 5S,” will share design similarities to the current iPhone 5, helping to improve margins once again. Because of this, Apple’s current “black ice,” as Um put it, is predicted to “thaw through summer.” Comparisons to 2012 will be easier along with improving gross margins, which could improve sentiment among investors. According to Um:

    While this requires some patience as the cycle transitions and then matures to drive gross margin, we believe valuation will rise with sentiment. While there seems to be some concern around competition and diminishing demand, had some operators not been as restrictive on upgrades relative to past new product launches, Apple would have experienced an even stronger launch, making what we expect to be a record setting December even more impressive.
    Wells Fargo Securities currently has a projected valuation range for AAPL stock from $680 to $730. A range that is wider than their previous forecast of $710 to $730. For the December quarter, Um expects Apple sold 48 million iPhone units with about three quarters of those being the new iPhone 5. iPad sales are projected to be 20.2 million, with about half of them being the iPad mini, dropping the average selling price to $450. Um’s revenue estimate of $53 billion is below consensus of $54.7 billion, while his earnings per share forecast of $13.67 is above the Street’s $13.41.

    Source: Wells Fargo Securities via AppleInsider

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    2013-01-19 11:00 AM
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    HEADLINE: Analyst predicts rogue kangaroos to overrun moon

    These people have no idea what they are talking about, and might as well be making everything up.
    2013-01-21 08:07 PM
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    Translation: Analysts who have stock in AAPL are upset about their loss.
    2013-01-23 07:08 PM