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    Although League of Legends is a game which has a hefty player base, Mac users have been noticeably absent since the developers ended up shutting down their Apple-only beta back in September of 2011. A group of developers worked on their own League of Legends client called ďiLoLĒ but it had its own fair share of problems. Even though the Riot Games didnít mention any dates in specific or give any time frame for their official Mac client previously, Associate Producer Steve Mieczkowski recently announced that a new Mac version is on its way. Once itís live, both versions of the client will be able to receive all content, features, and bug fixes simultaneously.

    The Mac client is playable on the gameís Public Beta Environment, allowing users who have PBE access to try the client out. Riot mentioned that the client will enter an open beta phase after the developers are confident from the results from the PBE test which is currently going on. Fortunately, as mentioned before, players donít need to wait to try out the Mac client. In fact Mieczkowski encourages gamers to download the PBE from the official site and help out by offering feedback and finding bugs to get things moving sooner. Moving to the Mac OS X is definitely a good move as doing so should will open up the game to more users and provide convenience to others who were previously forced to use bootcamp.

    Source: League of Legends (forums)

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    2013-01-25 02:42 PM
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    Sweet, good news.
    2013-01-25 07:43 PM
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    Very good news!
    2013-01-26 12:23 AM