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    God.. you people dont even know what a trademark is. I 100% guarantee any big company or even most restaurants have trademarks. Apple most definitely should, they are renowned for their stores. If people are copying a glass spiral stair case they should not be able to do that! You guys should understand this is NOT a patent, for apple to sue someone they have to be using the combination of apples trademark description. If they have glass doors they cant be sued but if they have glass doors with a genius bar and lines of computers with an open feel, they may be at risk but their is still more they need to be copying for apple to get mad.
    2013-01-30 06:37 PM
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    There are no Apple stores on the south side of the HUGE Greater Atlanta Metro Area, so every Mac-equipped computer shop styles themselves like an Apple Store. I always hear people insist that there is an Apple Store in Peachtree City, GA but that is a place called "PeachMac." Same goes for Newnan, GA ("Computer Advantage").

    I think it's hilarious that this site reported on "fake" Apple Store's in China and didn't realize that they exist right here at home.

    Also, they didn't realize that the so-called "Apple Stores" in China that they reported were selling Jailbreak services years earlier were also fake. Granted, the Chinese stores were more likely to use Apple logos as theirs, but sn't selling unofficial services like that a pretty big tell?
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    2013-01-30 06:42 PM
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    You droid boys are so funny, you don't answer the question you just quote the same media hype. Go play with your droid. The majority of true Apple consumers are intelligent and have actual good paying jobs. The droid boys, well all you have to do is read their dribble of commentaries.
    2013-01-30 11:41 PM
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    Much as I think something with this kind of variation should NOT be able to patented, (although I'm sure none of us have seen the actual text of the patent application - remember what is show above is very likely a snippet posted to generate news on a news site???).
    Apple do have a signature look with stores that i'd not seen anywhere previously but that I do see now, with remarkable similarity.
    I live in NYC an all my life Ive seen stores that have the same look and feel as apple's store--and there's no doubt in my mind that apple got its inspiration (like it always does) from some other company and now claim it as their own.
    2013-01-31 02:16 AM
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