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    A judge for the International Trade Commission recently scheduled a final ruling for the first of August of this year in one of Apple’s suits against Samsung. According to Florian Mueller of Foss Patents, Administrative Law Judge Thomas B. entered a scheduling order setting August 1, 2013 as the target final decision date. Pender will still have to make a remand initial determination on or before April 1.

    The ruling is said to be regarding Pender’s previous decision that found Samsung in violation of three Apple utility patents and one design patent. Pender recommended that the ITC institute a U.S. import ban on certain Samsung products due to their infringement of Apple patents on multitouch, providing translucent images on a display, headphone plug detection circuitry, and the design of the original iPhone.

    The ITC in January sent two of the four asserted patents, specifically the audio jack detection and translucent image display, back to Pender for reconsideration. If Pender rules in Apple’s Favor, import bans on infringing Galaxy products aren’t exactly certain. Samsung has already designed workarounds for several of the alleged violations, though it remains unclear the extent to which the alterations will sway the court.

    Nonetheless, we’ll have to wait and see what is decided on in court.

    Source: Foss Patents

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    2013-02-07 12:51 PM