1. Michael Essany's Avatar

    Fresh from a headline-making keynote at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference today, Apple CEO Tim Cook is headed to Washington D.C. to attend a much larger event.

    Apple has confirmed that Cook will be on hand for tonight's State of the Union Address. We are told that the Apple boss will be seated with or near First Lady Michelle Obama. According to published reports this morning, Cook will be joined by other high-profile or heroic individuals invited by the White House.

    In addition to NASA’s Bobak “Mohawk Guy” Ferdowsi, the First Lady's guests will include a female Marine, a DREAM student, a Wounded Warrior, a teacher from Sandy Hook Elementary School, a nurse from NYU Langone Medical Center, and the parents of Hadiya Pendleton.

    President Obama's State of the Union address will take place tonight from the Capitol at 9 p.m. EST.

    Source: New York Daily News
    2013-02-12 08:30 PM
  2. *T*'s Avatar
    Cook is in the speech, nos hit. Last year it was Laurene Powell Jobs.
    2013-02-12 10:12 PM
  3. Jahooba's Avatar
    Afterward Obama's going to clothesline Cook and steal his wallet. "You've just been tax hiked, b*tch," Obama will say.
    2013-02-12 10:46 PM
  4. exNavy's Avatar
    And I'm still not going to watch it.
    2013-02-13 03:06 AM
  5. javiert30's Avatar
    Hmmm, look good, but I have a baaad feeling about this.... Just think.
    2013-02-13 04:22 AM
  6. tridley68's Avatar
    Hmmm, look good, but I have a baaad feeling about this.... Just think.
    We have 4 more years of bad Cook is only doing this for Apple publicity not because he favors Obama Long live Cook and Apple.
    2013-02-13 04:58 AM
  7. rockyseay's Avatar
    You guys are so ignorant.
    2013-02-13 05:25 AM
  8. Donnutt's Avatar
    I watched it last night. Apparently, macs are going to be made in America again! That's what president Obama said anyway.
    2013-02-13 04:49 PM
  9. Breezy215's Avatar
    Yup... Prez gave him a shoutout saying that Apple will start producing Macs on home soil... But that doesn't mean that foreign manufacturing will cease, but it's a start I guess...
    2013-02-13 05:18 PM
  10. Donnutt's Avatar
    Well, Apple can't just move Foxconn over here. It just wouldn't work in our society. iPhone would have to cost at least four times as much if we payed all the workers minimum wage, overtime, benefits, etc... People complain about the iPhone's cost now. Apple would go out of business.
    2013-02-13 05:39 PM