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    At the end of January, Staples’ Web site started displaying the Apple T.V. for sale for $49, as well as a ton of other Apple accessories. The Web pages showing the Apple products appeared to be test pages, as they were missing a lot of critical information, which was a hint that Staples would start selling Apple products in the United States in the future.

    According to 9to5Mac, Staples executive Regis Mulot has confirmed that Staples stores will indeed begin selling Apple products in the United States, just after Staples in Canada starts selling Apple products. The deal between Staples and Apple has apparently finally been finalized.

    It seems like Staples, being one of the largest office and school supply stores in the United States, would have adopted Apple products sooner. Apple puts a lot of emphasis on education; Apple usually has an annual back-to-school sale that knocks some money off of the computers.

    In the end, the decision to carry Apple products in Staples stores in the United States should prove to be beneficial to both companies being that Apple’s computers and mobile devices are a very profitable asset in this day and age.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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    2013-02-15 04:50 AM
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    That's honestly weird, i would have never thought apple would sign with them
    2013-02-15 03:14 PM
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    I thought they already sold iPods and iPads... Weird. It would be nice though, apple stores in every small town across America!
    2013-02-15 03:43 PM
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    That's honestly weird, i would have never thought apple would sign with them
    All The Staples Store's in Canada (Or At Least in my City) have a special section dedicated to Apple, Don't Know Why They Don't Have That in the States
    2013-02-15 07:13 PM