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    An Asian-based manufacturing partner of Apple's is coming under fire amidst claims that it is discharging waste into a local Chinese river. The accusations have been levied against Riteng a subsidiary of Casetek by the Shanghai government, which says the iPad casings maker has turned a river "milky white."

    Individuals on site along the banks of a tributary of the Railway River report that fish and shellfish in the river are now gone and that the water is unfit for crop irrigation due to the apparent contamination.

    Although Apple is believed to be the main buyer of products produced by this particular company, Hewlett-Packard and Asus are also customers. For Apple, Riteng produces iPad back panels.

    Casetek said workers at the plant had been cleaning the factory during the lunar new year holiday, and improperly disposed of the water they had been using.
    Its just Chinese new year annual cleaning, Casetek was quoted in The Financial Times. We will co-operate with the government, and the pollution is nothing to do with the production line of our factory . . . according to our understanding, its a mistake that staff made during cleaning.

    Source: The Financial Times
    2013-02-22 08:34 PM
  2. redline11786's Avatar
    So in short...oopsie.
    2013-02-22 09:02 PM
  3. MgNate's Avatar
    How much "contaminate" does it take to clean a factory? Lol. Apparently enough to pollute an entire river?????
    2013-02-22 11:39 PM
  4. Jokadaking's Avatar
    Must be a big factory, or something smells fishy. With the pollution, NO FISH PRESENT!!!! Sorry its more to it than cleaning.
    2013-02-23 01:26 AM
  5. Mrteacup's Avatar
    Blaming apple for their pollution problems of course.
    2013-02-23 06:49 PM