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    On Wednesday, there were no upsets or surprises when it came time for Apple shareholders to vote on board members. As expected, Apple's 8-member board was entirely reelected.

    The only drama came when shareholders took a vote one two shareholder-created proposals. One pertained to executives and the amount of company stock they can hold, and the other requested Apple's board to create a human rights committee.

    Both proposals were shot down by shareholders.

    The one dealing with executive stock asked for Apple's top executives to hold onto at least 33 percent of their shares until they reach the age of retirement, a requirement the proposal's creator says would "focus our executives on our company's long-term success."
    In terms of the proposal for a human rights committee, Apple's board successfully countered the request by reiterating the role played by Apple's Supplier Code of Conduct, which ostensibly exists to achieve many of the presumable objectives that would be pursued by a human rights committee.

    Source: CNET
    2013-02-27 06:29 PM