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    A recently released report claims to have inside knowledge of a meeting that took place in late February, where Cook and Beats Audio CEO, Jimmy Iovine discussed a music service dubbed “Project Daisy.” Reuters reported that Apple’s Chief of Media, Eddy Cue, also joined the meeting. Sources are saying that Cook expressed interest in the service’s business model and future plans but no official deal was struck.

    When outlining the “Daisy” subscription based service to AllThingsD in January, Iovine slipped and mentioned that he planned to meet with Cue “soon,” but he didn’t offer any further details on the matter. During the same interview, the Beats chief executive also brought up that he pitched a similar idea to Jobs previously in 2001. At the time, Jobs was supposedly interested in the concept but “didn’t want to pay record companies enough,” with the belief that the economics would eventually become more favorable.

    The Cupertino California company has been rumored to be working on some type of streaming music service that is said to compete with the likes of existing offerings from Rhapsody, MOG and Rdio. Certain rumors afloat have even mentioned that an Apple-branded solution will be launching by the end of 2013. One thing that we are certain about is that only time will tell though.

    Source: AllThingsD, Reuters

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