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    Apple recently updated its Supplier Responsibility webpage to reflect a change in the way manufacturers deal with the company’s 60-hour workweek limit. It ended up noting that a 99% rate of compliance was recently achieved in January. The99% compliance rate factors into a 92% average of suppliers that adhered to the company’s Code of Conduct over all work weeks. Over the same period, the average time an employee worked per week was under 50 hours.

    As noted by V3, Apple limits normal working time to 60 hours a week except in “unusual circumstances” like seasonal high demand or ramp up for new products. Worker protection laws in China, where the bulk of the Apple suppliers are located, mandate that employers pay overtime wages to employees working over 40 hours per week. In addition to the Chinese rules, Apple requires that all overtime hours must be voluntary.

    The latest update comes on the heels of a report that said Foxconn (Apple’s manufacturing partner) initiated a hiring freeze until the end of March. It was speculated at the time that the move was related to slow iPhone 5 sales but the rumors were quickly dispelled and the freeze was blamed on the unusually high number of employees who returned to work after the Chinese New Year.

    The Cupertino California company’s report is an ongoing effort to improve workplace conditions in its suppliers’ factories. In January, the company released its yearly Supplier Responsibility Report which showed improvements in many different aspects including health and safety, labor, and environmental concerns. It looks like Apple is handling the situation correctly and is headed in the right direction.

    Source: Apple via V3

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    2013-03-07 10:31 AM
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    On a side note, did I hear President Obama say apple computers were going to be made in America soon during the state of the union address?
    2013-03-08 05:11 AM