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    In a recent update to its desktop software the cloud storage giant, Dropbox, made a number of user interface design changes to its OS X menu bar asset, allowing direct access to file sharing, recently changed files, and much more. Dropbox 2.0 for Mac expands the capabilities of its desktop client by allowing advanced management of a userís online cloud storage from their computer. The version also offers a completely redesigned drop-down menu with advanced UI integration which supports real time notifications of invitations, shared folder updates and links, which are displayed in the Dropbox menu bar.

    Of the many features included in the update, one of the more welcomed ones includes the ability to generate public links to shared documents without having to find the file in the Dropbox folder. The functionality applies only to recently changed items though but the system is still a step in the right direction going forward. The new iteration of the software allows users to keep track of changes to their shared folders, links or albums from the drop-down menu as well. Notification of incoming invites to shared folders are pushed immediately to the menu bar for quick acceptance or denial and users can click on links directly from the menu to be taken to the linked file or folder.

    Another feature in the new feature set includes a set of two buttons at the top menu that direct users to their desktop Dropbox folder and to the Dropbox website. The information provided by the previous versionís drop-down, such as space remaining and preferences, has been relegated to a settings icon located at the bottom right of the newly designed pane. Dropbox 2.0 is fully compatible with the recently updated iOS app, including push notifications. Those of you who are interested in downloading the new desktop version can do so directly from the Dropbox website.

    Source: Dropbox (blog)

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    2013-03-13 01:02 PM