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    Apple released its annual Environmental Policy Pages and notes Thursday and the company’s data center is now 100% run by renewable energy sources; solar, wind, hydro and geothermal. Apple’s corporate facility worldwide is at 75 percent, which is up 35 percent from two years ago.

    Just a year ago, Greenpeace International was targeting Apple offices in Cupertino, California for relying on electricity from coal plants. They ended up with a “D” grade in the four categories that were tracked. This year, Greenpeace praised Apple by saying they showed “real progress” after their announcement. According to an analyst of Greenpeace, Gary Cook wrote in an e-mail, “Apple’s increased level of disclosure about its energy sources helps customers know that their iCloud will be powered by clean energy sources, not coal.”

    Facilities in Austin, Texas; Elk Grove, California; Cork, Ireland; Munich, Germany and Cupertino corporate headquarters all use 100 percent renewable energy sources. It is unknown exactly how much Apple has spent on the equipment to generate their own power, but Oppenheimer has stated that Apple will continue investing in green technologies.

    Apple has stated that their goal is to eventually rely completely on renewable energy sources for its power. They are definitely working towards their goal step by step but no specific time frame has been set for when it will be fully accomplished.

    Source: Apple via Fortune

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    2013-03-22 09:59 AM
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    Is there any way to solar power my iphone????
    2013-03-22 07:25 PM
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    Is there any way to solar power my iphone????
    yes look on eBay but its not going to totally replace you from using wall plugs as its not sufficient enough
    2013-03-23 12:34 AM