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    By the close of 2015, Apple's retail presence inside of India will triple.

    In fewer than 36 months from now, Apple's reseller presence will expand to more than 200 locations across the nation.

    India's Economic Times was first to report the news, which was confirmed by multiple sources close to Apple's retail operations.

    India had for a long time been a low-priority market for the company founded by Steve Jobs. But surging sales of iPhones and iPads here, combined with the growing inroads of Samsung in its traditional US market and elsewhere, have prompted Apple to take a serious look at India as it searches for new growth markets.
    As MMi reported at the close of 2012, Apple is now authorizing the use of payment plans to help prospective iPhone buyers more easily secure the popular smartphone inside of India, one of the largest emerging markets for mobile in the world.

    "In Q4, Apple has turned out to be the number two player in India. And this means that they have done a significant shift in their positioning," Venu Reddy, research director at IDC, recently stated.

    Source: India's Economic Times
    2013-03-26 09:54 PM