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    The former Adobe executive, Kevin Lynch, who caused a stir when he recently joined Apple, is now in charge of a team comprised of employees who used to work in the company’s iPod division, according to a new rumor. Lynch is said to be in charge of a new team at Apple with many engineers who previously worked on the company’s iPod lineup according to sources who spoke with the folks over at MacGeneration.

    Among the names on the new team are said to be Robert Curtis, who previously worked on iPod firmware for several years along with Steve Bollinger, who is credited with numerous iPod and multitouch patents. As of right now, it’s unknown exactly what Lynch’s new mystery team is working on but the site speculated that the new division could be working on Apple’s rumored smart watch accessory.

    One of the previous reports claimed Apple already had a 100-person team working on an unannounced watch, including personnel who had previously worked on the iPhone and iPad. It was revealed last month that Lynch had taken a position at Apple, an announcement that left many Apple supporters disappointed because of Lynch’s connections with Adobe Flash and disparaging public comments made about Apple’s refusal to support the platform on its iOS devices.

    In his position at Apple, Lynch reports to Bob Mansfield, who leads the new “Technologies” group created by the company last Fall. The new division is a combination of Apple’s wireless teams and its semiconductor development efforts. Lynch’s hiring came after a number of high-profile changes in Apple’s personnel, most notably Scott Forstall, previously the company’s head of iOS development, being ousted.

    Although we’ll have to be patient to find out about what is being worked on, many have high hopes of Lynch and the team he is leading.

    Source: MacGeneration

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    2013-04-12 06:12 PM