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    Twitter Thursday updated their Mac OS X Twitter application in the Mac App Store, bringing it to version 2.2. The update finally adds support for the retina display Mac lineup, on top of many other minor improvements.

    Other improvements include support for 14 new languages, tweaked application icon, and Status Bar icon. Twitter notes that the applicationís overall Iconography has been tweaked to bring the Mac OS X Twitter client up to speed with current icons.

    An updated Tweet composer now makes it even easier to share photos with Twitter for Mac OS X. Users will find a camera button in the Tweet composer to easily find and attach a photo to the Tweet they're about to send.

    The update is free for all existing users of the Twitter application, and can be found via the Mac App Store. If you havenít started using Twitterís Mac OS X client, you can download it for free via this Mac App Store link.

    Sources: Mac App Store via Twitter Blog
    2013-04-25 08:30 PM