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    A handful of recently discovered job listings suggest that Apple may be looking to make progress in the next-generation iWork software suit, with the latest postings asking for specialists in quality assurance, one of the final steps in software building. While some of the listings date back to the end of March, the most recent ad for “SW QA iWork” hit Apple’s job portal only two days ago.

    There are eight iWork-related positions on the “Jobs at Apple” webpage, three of which deal with quality assurance or software verification. One of the listings posted recently is looking for a software quality assurance specialist, a sign that Apple could be ready for deployment sometime soon. The job listing states the following:

    The iWork team is looking for a software QA engineer to work on the next generation of Desktop, Mobile and Web application/services. This position requires a self-motivated individual with strong problem solving skills who can contribute in a dynamic team environment.

    • Bug reporting and isolation
    • Planning, designing, and executing test cases
    • Ensure the successful delivery of a quality product by performing ad hoc and structured tests on a daily basis
    Another post is looking for a “HiDP Image Specialist”, with the ideal candidate being tasked with aiding the iWork visual design team in translating graphics to Retina-toting devices. At the very least, the job ad reveals that Apple is looking to add high-resolution screen support to its productivity suite.

    Although there hasn’t been any official word on a next-generation iWork product, the number of job listings and information therein strongly suggest such a product is being worked on and could be released in the near future. The current iWork ’09, which includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote was released in 2009 and seen to be long overdue for an upgrade.

    Source: Apple

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-05-14 04:22 AM
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    will there be a new version of ilife coming?
    2013-05-14 05:48 AM
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    Yah along with a new version of iReality- you can choose between Red, Blue and Orange Fringe Universes.
    2013-05-14 06:43 PM