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    Based on a recently analysis, for every person who visited an Apple store last quarter, the Cupertino California took in a record setting $57.60 in revenue. Analyst Horace Dediu of Asymco provided the breakdown of Apple’s retail operations that revealed the findings. Aside from the record-setting per-visitor revenue, the company saw a 7% growth in visitors last quarter. These findings indicate that Apple’s retail stores earn twice as much per square foot as high-end jeweler, Tiffany & Co, with Apple earning about $12 in profit per customer.

    Over the last year, the average Apple Store saw 250,000 visitors per quarter which is up from 170,000 per store in 2010. In the March quarter, the average Apple Store netted $13.1 million in revenue, which was the highest level ever for a non-holiday quarter and was up from $12.2 million a year ago. For those of you don’t remember, in Apple’s quarterly earnings conference call in April, the company’s executives revealed that their retail stores earned $5.2 billion in total revenue in the quarter, which is up from $4.4 billion a year prior. There were a total of 91 million visitors to Apple stores in the quarter, also up year over year from 85 million.

    At the end of the March quarter, Apple had 402 total retail stores around the world, with 151 of those located outside of the U.S. The company currently plans to open about 30 new stores in total during its fiscal year 2013, while another 20 stores will be remodeled. The continued success of Apple’s retail operations comes in spite of the fact that the company’s doesn’t currently have a retail chief.

    Source: Asymco

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