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    apparently you will be able to play a campaign without internet if it has already checked that you have an internet connection that day or within that 24 hour period. Its a case of MAJOR DRM to keep people from cheating the system with the games they buy or borrow from friends. they will check the copy of the game via their system to see if anyone else linked that game with their system and if they did you will have to pay to play that game on your system. Basically crippling Gamestop and Gamefly in the next generation
    Since when is borrowing a game from a friend cheating or illegal? This whole DRM thing is a joke! Only about 5% of console owners hack there systems to play Illegally. The security measures they have in place are good enough. All they have to do is require a firmware update for there newest games before you can play them, This is how it's done now. Takes too much work & time to keep patching your system every time new games come out, so most people simply don't bother to keep up. Microsoft is taking the wrong direction here, I hope they fail.
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    Well if its true then my friend can't borrow my game. That's kinda gay
    2013-05-22 09:33 PM
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