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    Although Intel lost the opportunity to help power the iPhone, the company is hard at work to make sure they donít get completely shut out of mobile hardware. To accomplish this, they are hiring some of Appleís old talent. To help lead the charge in its plans to build ďsmart devicesĒ Intel has hired former Apple Vice President, Mike Bell, to head up Intelís new Smart Devices unit.

    Bell and his team will be diving into emerging technologies and product trends, like ultra-mobile products. Mike worked with Apple for 16 years before leaving to become SVP of Product Development at Palm. Intel had the following to say about Mike Bellís team in a statement to All Things D:

    The group will be tasked with turning cool technology and business model innovations into products that shape and lead markets.
    It seems like Bell will basically work on finding ways to get Intel chips into mobile devices of the future, which has proved a harder task than the company originally thought. Intel dominated the desktop PC processor industry for over a decade but is beginning to see its influence deteriorate with the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Intelís missed opportunity, former CEO Paul Otellini recently admitted to passing on the project that involved building the CPU for the original iPhone. Apple ended up using the ARM processor instead and since then, companies like Qualcomm, Nvidia, Broadcom, and other ARM-based processors have dominated the mobile space as Intel has struggled to catch up, despite its vast resources.

    Weíll have to wait and see if Appleís former talent can help aid the company.

    Source: All Things D

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    2013-05-22 07:12 AM
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    Former CEO is right..what an idiot.
    2013-05-22 05:47 PM