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    The longtime industry analyst who most recently covered technology for Gartner, Michael Gartenberg, has taken up a job on Apple’s marketing team working under executive Phil Schiller. Gartenberg’s position at Apple was reported by Forbes but what remains unknown is exactly what role he’ll be taking up at the Cupertino California company.

    The analyst previously worked as an evangelist with Microsoft in 2007 but the role only last a month. For those of you who aren’t aware he is one of the most well-known analysts in the tech industry. In other roles, Gartenberg was also an Analyst and Partner at Altimeter Group, Vice President of Strategy at Interpret LLC, and Research Director at Jupiter Research. He also served on the board of directors for the Consumer Electronics Association, which runs the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

    Other high-profile hires made by Apple this year including Kevin Lynch, the former chief technology officer at Adobe and Josh Rosenstock, ex-director of external corporate communications at Rolls-Royce.

    Source: Forbes via AppleInsider

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    2013-05-23 02:26 AM