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    Apple is providing a new in-depth look at the anticipated economic impact of the company's forthcoming "spaceship" campus in Cupertino, California.

    Apple’s worldwide corporate headquarters is presently located at 1 Infinite Loop in the City of Cupertino. The 856,000 square foot campus houses approximately 3,000 employees. In order to accommodate its 13,000 additional employees based in Cupertino, Apple says, the company procured more than 2 million square feet of additional space in Cupertino and in nearby cities.

    As a result of Apple's effort to assemble properties for the purpose of building a second campus, including the 100 acre property that once served as the headquarters of Hewlett Packard, Apple is poised to create a large number of new jobs on the West Coast.

    Apple says the completion of Apple Campus 2 is "vital" to the region for a number of reasons.
    It will:

    1) enable Apple to continue to remain in Cupertino;

    2) enable Apple to add an estimated 7,400 new high-quality jobs;

    3) increase revenues of local businesses and support additional job growth throughout the region; and

    4) enhance tax revenues to the City of Cupertino and other cities and public agencies.

    "With net annual sales in excess of $156 billion, 16,000 employees currently based in the Cupertino area, and annual purchases from local Silicon Valley-based businesses of $4.6 billion, Apple is a cornerstone of the Silicon Valley economy and of the fiscal resources of the City of Cupertino," the report reads.

    To download the complete document from the Apple website, click here.

    Source: Apple
    2013-06-04 10:54 PM
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    Steve truly was happy until he had reached the stars.... After it's completed I say in 5 years it flys off into space.
    2013-06-05 01:18 AM
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    Lol no joke
    2013-06-05 05:19 AM