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    The popular desktop virtualization client, Parallels, recently released an update to their desktop app for Mac, allowing Apple developers to run beta versions of OS X Mavericks in tandem with older versions of the Mac operating system. The software has been updated to version 8.0.18494 giving developers more flexibility to test their apps in Mavericks, without needing to dedicate an entire machine to a potentially buggy beta build of the operating system. Parallels 8 also allows any user to run a virtualization of other popular operating systems such as Google’s Chrome, Linux, and Windows 8.

    Although Parallels 8 doesn’t support Mavericks as a new, blank virtual machine (VM), users can alter an existing VM to run the developers versions. To enable this feature, you simply have to update the latest build of Parallels before opening an existing VM running OS X. Take a snapshot of the VM to prevent any data loss and increase the video memory to 128 MB in that bank. Once the Developer Preview of Mavericks is installed it can be run on the same machine as current builds of Mountain Lion or other versions of OS X.

    Developers who are running Parallels 8 for Mac have been attempting to run Mavericks as a VM since the first beta build was released during this year’s WWDC, but many were unable to do so. The new update to the software brings what the company calls “experimental” support for developer builds of Mavericks and should resolve some of the issues developers face in the previous weeks.

    Source: Parallels via AppleInsider
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    Snow Lion xD Nice
    2013-06-20 11:19 AM
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    Snow Lion xD Nice
    I would choose snow lion over mavericks anytime, sigh... Why the hell the name shift.
    2013-06-20 12:16 PM
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    Not sure if you noticed but Jobs is gone..replaced by another dreamer. Times have changed and will continue to change..embrace it.
    2013-06-20 02:08 PM