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    A U.S. District Court Judge presiding over the Department of Justice’s antitrust trial against Apple made a statement recently, saying the “issues have shifted” after hearing two weeks’ worth of testimony from both parties. With only one day remaining in the DOJ’s e-book case against Apple, Judge Denise Cote offered her two cents on the previous two weeks of evidentiary findings, with the statement being a possible positive for the defense.

    According to in-court reports from Fortune’s Philip Elmer-Dewit, Judge Cote made an unsolicited remark regarding what transpired during the proceedings:

    I thought I had prepared so well. I learned a lot. But you have helped me understand so much more through the evidence. It seems to me the issues have somewhat shifted during the course of the trial. Things change. People have to stay nimble. I'm looking forward to understanding where we are now.
    Before the trial got underway in June, Judge Cote appeared to side with the Justice Departments, saying it would likely be able to prove that Apple colluded with five major book publishers to inflate e-book prices. The Judge’s preferential siding seems to have changed over the past two weeks though as the trial has brought out additional information.

    As of right now, both sides are set to give their summations on Thursday, after which Judge Cote will consider the evidence and issue a ruling. A timeline has not been set for a decision but the average is about two months for a bench trial, so we’ll have to wait and see.

    Source: Fortune

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    2013-06-20 11:02 AM
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    Lol check his bank account
    2013-06-20 05:52 PM
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    More like this judge already thinking about his political career, having Apple in the back pocket he will never have to worry about political contributions.
    2013-06-20 07:07 PM
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    LOL, you can't even figure out what gender the judge is, let alone figure if she is on the take!
    2013-06-20 09:05 PM
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    LOL, you can't even figure out what gender the judge is, let alone figure if she is on the take!
    Maybe they read Denise as Dennis.
    2013-06-20 09:28 PM
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    Uh yeah yeah I read Dennis...Lol dam I got burned!
    2013-06-20 09:44 PM
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    And now Amazon and Google are eagerly trying to offer her something secretly to make sure Apple doesn't escape.
    2013-06-21 12:21 AM