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    An incredibly rare Apple I computer from 1976 is about to go up for auction. And if you have at least $300,000, this beauty could be yours. But chances are, you're going to need a lot more to add this item to your personal collection of Apple products.

    One of the first Apple computers ever built, this machine is the handy work of two Steves we all know - Jobs and Wozniak. And it's headed for the auction block at Christie's next week.

    "This is a piece of history that made a difference in the world, it's where the computer revolution started," said Ted Perry, a retired school psychologist who owns the device (and stored it for years in a cardboard box).

    The 11-by-14 green piece of plastic covered with a grid of memory chips above a labyrinth of wires was one of the first 25 such computer elements, and sold for $666.66.
    Only 200 of these machines were originally made, and most have now "disappeared or been discarded."

    Perry, now 70, became the owner of the Apple 1 around 1980. It was a secondhand item he saw advertised. What did he pay for it? Nothing. He made a trade with the previous owner.

    Source: AP
    2013-06-21 09:41 PM
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    You would think Apple the company would want to keep this??
    2013-06-21 09:44 PM
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    I'm sure Apple has a couple.
    2013-06-21 09:58 PM
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    I know right @bigboyz
    2013-06-21 10:00 PM