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    Customers on the Adobe support forums have been reporting issues with severe flickering when using some 13” MacBook Air models while using Adobe Photoshop, particularly the larger brush tools. Adobe representative Chris Cox posted on Adobe’s support forums stating he believes the problem is caused by a driver or GPU issue, or possibly a problem with the LCD driver circuits. According to him, he says Adobe hasn’t been able to reproduce the issue, suggesting that it could be a particular run or series of MacBook Air models that are having problems. Adobe has mentioned the following on their support forums:

    When we file a bug with Apple that we cannot reproduce ourselves: Apple ignores it.

    Apple needs to hear from customers who experience the problem, and needs details on exactly which systems have the problem.

    We will continue to research this, and if we find a system that reproduces it, then we can file a bug with Apple and have some hope that they might investigate.

    Also, thanks for the video - that is definitely a driver or GPU issue, though with that kind of flickering I'd also suspect the LCD driver circuits.
    Newer chipsets like those in the new MacBook Air tend to occasionally have sporadic quality control issues. Some Air owners have been reporting issues with Wi-Fi and Apple has issued a “capture” order to Genius Bar representatives to take broken machines and send them to Cupertino for further analysis.

    As for users who are experiencing such issues, Adobe advises you to contact AppleCare so the problem can be diagnosed and hopefully quickly resolved by Apple. Certain reports are suggesting that upgrading to Mavericks solves the problem which indicates the issue may be caused by software.

    You can watch a video of the issue below:

    Are any of you experiencing this issue?

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    2013-06-29 01:42 AM
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    That can't be a Photoshop issue, the whole screen flickers. Apple's fault.
    2013-06-29 05:46 PM
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    Is there any chance of you ever allowing iphone users to access youtube links?
    2013-06-29 11:17 PM
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    That can't be a Photoshop issue, the whole screen flickers. Apple's fault.
    Shows how much you know…
    2013-06-30 09:50 AM