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    From New Jersey to Oregon, Apple's retail efforts continue to escalate as the company opens (and prepares to open) new stores in the United States.

    Over the weekend, Apple's brand spankin' new retail store opened in the Garden State at Quaker Bridge Mall, which is located in Lawrence Township, N.J. Apple employees reportedly handed out commemorative T-shirts to the first thousand customers to visit the store. And given that it was an Apple store grand opening, the inventory of shirts did not last long.

    Meanwhile, out west, Apple has already begun construction on what is being described as a huge new retail store, complete with two full floors of iDevice and Mac splendor. Housed in Portland's Pioneer Square, Apple's new retail store doesn't yet have a grand opening date confirmed, but because of Microsoft's latest store opening in the same area, it's safe to say that Apple's store is on the fast-track to be opened ASAP.

    Already boasting the most lucrative square footage across the global retail landscape, Apple's retail stores now generate approximately $58 per visitor. The most recent industry projections indicate that the average revenue per Apple store is $13 million per quarter. As of May 2013, Apple has 406 Apple Stores worldwide.

    Source: AppleInsider
    2013-07-02 12:57 AM