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    For roughly twenty years, the Opera web browser has provided an alternative for web surfers who donít want to use stock browsers. In its latest iteration, Opera 15, has been released for OS X and it just happens to be the first version that was built using the open-source Chromium engine. Although it shares an engine with Googleís Chrome, the newest version of Opera has some exclusive features that help it stand apart from the crowd.

    One of the new features is Off-Road mode, which compresses pages to speed up browsing when your connection slows down to help you stay online. It automatically turns itself off when your connection improves which is another bonus. Another feature is Speed Dial, which groups the sites you visit most often into a custom start page and allows you to group multiple links into folders. Opera Discover is another new feature which presents search results based on your expressed interests, allowing it to pin point your favorite sports teams or news categories.

    Last but not least, there is also a new Stash feature that allows you to collect screenshots of web pages for future reference. When you are using the feature, youíre shown smaller versions of the pages you snap, which can then be enlarged for future reference. The thing that makes this feature fun to use is that you can tag your snapshots with a keyword to easily find them later.

    Those of you who are interested in trying Opera 15 can download the browser for free over at the companyís website. Just hit the source link below.

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    2013-07-03 01:41 AM