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    Apple along with several other tech giants is widely rumored to be working on smart watch devices set to debut later this year or in 2014. Interested interest in the devices is also set to grow the smart watch segment by a factor of ten. According to the latest forecasts from market analysis firm Canalys. The figure would be more than 15 times the 330,000 units shipped in 2012 and 10 times the 500,000 expected to ship in 2013.

    The smart devices of next year are expected to mark a considerable advancement over the current standard in the segment. As of right now, Sony leads the industry with regard to device capabilities but even its most recent model will likely be outstripped if the rumors surrounding the upcoming devices prove to be true.

    Currently, smart watches like that of Sony’s and the device made by Pebble, largely function through a method of interacting with one’s smartphone: displaying messages, controlling music, etc. The next-generation is said to leverage a battery of sensors and low-power wireless technology to not only interact with the user’s smartphone but also to the user’s body.

    Apple is widely expected to be working on an “iWatch’ device that some are saying could be revealed by next year. The company is said to have a team working on the project with patents filed for protection of the “iWatch” name in Japan, Russia, Mexico and Taiwan. The iWatch development may not be going as smooth though as the company has been rumored to bring on people to help address “hard engineering problems that they’ve not been able to solve.”
    We’ll have to wait and see what Apple ends up coming out with and also what competitors such as Google and Microsoft end up releasing as they have both been rumored to also be working on a similar device.

    Source: Canalys via AppleInsider

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    2013-07-17 03:43 AM
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    I'd like to see what Apple has up its sleeve.
    2013-07-17 04:37 AM
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    I'd like to see what Apple has up its sleeve.
    Under its sleeve...the iWatch
    2013-07-17 05:48 AM
  4. steve-z17's Avatar
    Under its sleeve...the iWatch
    Lol, nice!
    2013-07-17 04:14 PM