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    Apple has Friday made the iOS, Mac, and Safari Developer Centers available once again for developers after a long outage following an intrusion of the Web site, which was outlined in an e-mail that assured developers that their information was encrypted and could not be accessed.

    Apple has spent over a week working on the Developer Center's upgraded security system to prevent more intrusions so developers can get back to their testing without any more inconveniences. Apple Wednesday directed developers to a System Status indicator to open up communication and show what was officially online or offline.

    As of this writing, that same System Status indicator is now showing that the following items are online:

    • Bug Reporter
    • Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
    • iOS Dev Center
    • iTunes Connect
    • Mac Dev Center
    • Safari Dev Center
    • Software Downloads

    Notably, the following items are still offline as of this writing:

    • Apple Developer Forums
    • App Store Resource Center
    • Member Center
    • Pre-Release Documentation
    • Program Enrollment and Renewals
    • Technical Support
    • Videos
    • Xcode Automatic Configuration

    Sources: Apple
    2013-07-27 12:59 AM
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    Awesome hoping beta 4 will come out for iOS 7 soon.
    2013-07-27 01:32 AM
  3. Assassination's Avatar
    Hell Yeah Freaking Right
    2013-07-27 02:01 AM