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    New Retina MacBook Pros with Intel’s new Haswell processors could arrive even later than expected according to a recently released rumor. The details were published by China Times and highlighted by Macotakara, stating that the new MacBook Pros equipped with Retina displays won’t ship until October, which is well after the June debut of Haswell-powered MacBook Airs.

    The rumored date is later than the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities expected the new MacBook Pros to be introduced. He previously released a note stating that he expected the MacBook Pros with Haswell to debut in mid-September.

    Apple is currently experiencing continued yield problems with the high-resolution Retina display in its notebooks. This has led to apparent internal delays, despite the fact that benchmarks for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models have appeared online. Prices for the high-resolution LCD panels as well as solid-state drives have dropped in recent months. The price of DRAM is also rising, which is why sources believe the new MacBook Pros will be sold at the same price point as the current models.

    The new 13-inch MacBook Pro is said to have even thinner than the current Retina display model. Kuo also expects the portable Macs to include 1080p “full HD” FaceTime cameras. We’ll have to see what’s true and what’s not by being patient. Rumors will likely continue to come in until the product is released.

    Source: China Times via Macotakara

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    2013-07-27 06:04 AM
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    I apologize for my half asleep question and I've been behind on new the MacBook Pro is getting a refresh?
    2013-07-27 12:12 PM
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    Question? Can a Mac get jailbroken?
    2013-07-27 12:24 PM
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    Question? Can a Mac get jailbroken?
    ...lol. Out of the box you can install third party apps... just like any other PC.
    2013-07-27 05:05 PM