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    Following the developer seed of iOS 7 Beta 4 Monday afternoon, Apple has followed by also seeding iTunes 11.1 Beta 1 with iTunes Radio to developers for testing.

    iTunes Radio is Apple’s answer to the demand for music streaming. It will compete directly with services like Pandora, Spotify, and Grooveshark and will be available on the desktop, as well as on iOS devices running iOS 7.

    Notably, users will be able to take advantage of iTunes Radio for free with ads. Those that are subscribed to to Apple's paid iTunes Match service can listen to iTunes Radio without ads. iTunes Match is $24.99 per year.

    If you're a developer, you will find iTunes 11.1 Beta 1 at Apple's Developer Center. Currently the software is only available for Mac at this point in time. More betas are expected to follow in coming weeks.

    Sources: iClarified
    2013-07-29 09:39 PM
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    The only problem is it won't run on Android devices, which the competing services all do.
    2013-07-29 10:14 PM
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    Where can I download it if I'm not a developer cause atfdl doesn't have it
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    2013-07-29 10:27 PM
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    Where can I download it if I'm not a developer
    If you're not a developer, it will be available on Apple's Web site this Fall when it's no longer in beta.
    2013-07-29 10:42 PM
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    2013-07-29 10:47 PM