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    Apple recently seeded the latest builds of the forthcoming Xcode 5, OS X Service, and Remote Desktop – all adding to a list of beta software releases made recently as the company works to bring its developer center systems back online from an extended downtime. Coming on the heels of the recent release of the fourth iOS 7 beta, iTunes 11.1 with iTunes Radio, and Apple TV 5.4, Apple also pushed Xcode 5 Developer Preview 4, OS X Server Preview 4, and Apple Remote Desktop 3.7 to developers.

    According to people familiar with the latest Xcode 5 preview, Apple seems to have further refined the coding tool’s Simulator, Instruments, Interface Builder, and Xcode Server, as well as fixed several minor problems that previously caused the program to crash. There still appear to be some bugs as the software isn’t in its final form.

    OS X Server Preview 4 also ended up receiving minor bug fixes and enhancements, though nothing substantial was reported in the accompanying release notes. Last but not last, Apple Remote Desktop version 3.7 saw its first beta seed with no major issues. All beta versions are available for download from Apple’s developer center.

    The beta versions come in the middle of a wave of beta seeds after Apple’s Dev Center was compromised by an intruder and consequently taken down two weeks ago. The downtime ended up affecting Apple’s two week release cycle for new iOS 7 beta and OS X Mavericks builds, though it appears the company is looking to return to its previous schedule.

    Source: Apple

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-07-30 07:58 AM
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    All I want to know is whether the new Remote Desktop will allow my iPhone to control my Mac natively.
    2013-07-30 05:37 PM
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    Have they updated Dashcode to work with the Mavericks beta yet?
    2013-07-31 07:33 AM