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    Apple is issuing notices to developers, warning them that it may take time to review their apps for the App Store according to recent reports. One of the messages being sent out to developers mentioned the following:

    We are currently reviewing an app that you submitted for inclusion on the App Store, and want to let you know that the review process will require additional time. We apologize for the delay and will provide you with an update on the status of your app as soon as possible.
    Although Apple has sent out similar notices in the past, it’s believed that the company is trying to deal with an especially large backlog due to the extended Developer Center downtime, which lasted over a week. One developer says that he received a delay notice six days after submitting his app for review, but another five days and he still hasn’t received any information regarding approval.

    As of right now, the Developer Center remains only partially active. Most essential functions seem to be back up but the Forums, Member Center, Videos, and Technical Support sections still seem to be down. We’ll have to see when Apple resolves the issues caused by the downtime.

    Source: Apple via ReadWrite

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    2013-07-31 02:03 AM
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    I got a killer app waiting approval. Can't wait it's time sensitive !!!
    2013-07-31 09:09 AM