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    Earlier this week, Apple executive Bob Mansfield stepped down from his management related duties at the Cupertino California company in order to focus on what was dubbed “special projects” reportedly working on the development on new products for the company. Additional details shed light on how the changes have affected other executives.

    Dan Riccio, who was promoted to lead Apple’s hardware engineering teams when Bob Mansfield first retired last year will gain oversight of the company’s antenna design teams in addition to his current leadership of Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod engineering. Jeff Williams, who is Senior Vice President for Operations has been Cook’s right hand man for years will take over the job of managing Apple’s special projects engineering teams, while Mansfield gets to continue working with Apple’s newest and most cutting edge designs without the distraction of management. 9to5Mac mentioned the following regarding the details:

    According to a source familiar with the former Technologies team, there has been a lack of formal internal communication regarding the reasoning behind the management shift. However, the company did make the new executive roles clear to these employees. Even with the lack of communication, sources say that the change is not unprecedented. Over the last couple of months, Mansfield is said to have been increasingly focused on chips (and some aspects of wireless) while delegating his other teams to other executives.
    It was noted that although Mansfield would like to retire at some point, he will likely never fully leave the company. Given the lengths that Tim Cook went in order to keep Mansfield at Apple, it’s likely that he will be given free rein to work whatever hours and on whatever projects he wishes. We’ll have to wait and see what ends up happening.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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    2013-08-03 09:02 AM
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    focus on a 5.5" phablet and watch me buy another iDevice. :-)
    2013-08-03 09:57 PM
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    Ixnay on the phablet. Phablets are budget devices for people cannot afford BOTH a tablet AND a phone. I praise Samsung for being the first to recognize and address this market with their Galaxy Mega. That device sports mid-range specs with a screen size large enough for tablet use yet small enough to function as a phone. The screen in the Mega is 720p to keep the price down since the device is targeted at budget buyers. The Mega is also sold with tight margins and isn't much of a money maker, but Samsung addresses this market because they feel its better to make a sale at low margins than none at all. Apple doesn't work that way. Apple sells a premium phone and a premium tablet, both of which yield high profit margins. As such, don't expect this type of lower end device from Apple. If anything, Apple may release a larger iPhone, but rest assured it will be a flagship high-end device sold at a premium price to a consumer group that can afford it, so as to not cannibalize their iPad sales.
    They can have my jailbreak when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.
    2013-08-04 12:53 AM