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    A new trailer for “Jobs,” the Steve Jobs biopic, was recently released, showing a bit more of the movie which is set to hit theaters on August 29. The latest trailer adds footage to a previously released featurette, which included behind-the-scenes interviews with lead Ashton Kutcher and co-star Josh Gad. Those of you who are interested in watching the trailer can do so below:

    Promotion for the film which is directed by Joshua Michael Stern has recently picked up more with the launch of and unveiling of a stylized poster portraying Kutcher as Steve Jobs. For those of you who didn’t already know, “Jobs” will feature Kutcher in the title role, with Gad playing Steve Wozniak while others include Dermot Mulroney, Lukas Haas, J.K. Simmons, Matthew Modine, and James Woods.

    The indie film as mentioned sees a release on August 29. It is set to be the first of two to focus on the life of Steve Jobs. The other film is a big-budget project from Sony, which is currently under production and will be penned by Academy Award winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay “The Social Network,” the subject of which being Facebook founder and tech industry leader Mark Zuckerberg. We’ll have to see how each of the films fare upon release.

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    2013-08-07 07:54 AM
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    Blah. Sorry but out of all the people they could have chosen. They choose this guy I just can't take him seriously.
    2013-08-07 03:40 PM
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    Looks really unentertaining.
    2013-08-07 04:53 PM
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    I saw a preview and it was fantastic! Ashton did a great job being Jobs. Go and see it when it is released!
    2013-08-07 07:43 PM
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    Unfortunately he still sounds like Kelso with that odd squeaky voice which just ruins it for me. Even though he resembles Jobs, it'll seem too fictional to embrace the role in my imagination during the film.
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    2013-08-07 09:41 PM
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    I'd rather see Noah Wyle (spelling?) reprise his role as Jobs to make an update to "Pirates of Silicon Valley."
    2013-08-08 01:37 PM