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    Lodsys, the infamous intellectual property owner which files patent infringement lawsuits against iOS app developers has recently settled with one company in exchange for a charity donation. The terms of the detail made between Lodsys and TMSoft were detailed on the developer’s blog by the company founder Todd Moore. No confidentiality agreement was signed, which allows TMSoft to freely talk about the terms of the settlement.

    In addition to agreeing to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the developer was also required to agree to never sue Lodsys over its patents and dismiss all motions in its ongoing lawsuit with prejudice. TMSoft has filed a motion to dismiss the patent suit Lodsys filed against them and also sought to recover costs that were associated with the suit.
    The TMSoft attorney speculated that Lodsys made the offer because had the developer declined it, a judge may have found that Moore’s company was “not behaving reasonably.” According to Moore:

    This seems a little ridiculous given they were the ones that filed this frivolous lawsuit. But, I get the point that Lodsys could say to the judge that they were willing to dismiss it if only I'd made a small donation to a charity. This would be their way of making me look like I was the on wasting the court's time.
    For those of you that didn’t already know, Lodsys first began filing lawsuits against iOS developers using Apple’s in-app purchase feature in 2011. The suits prompted Apple to attempt to intervene on behalf of its development community. The legal action ended up spurring a number of developers to settle out of court by agreeing to licensing deals with Lodsys. This ended the lawsuits and allowed them to continue to offer in-app purchases. Lodsys originally started with smaller developers and slowly moved up to bigger companies such as Disney and Electronic Arts.

    Source: Todd Moore (Blog)

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    2013-08-09 07:34 AM
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    Pigs will be pigs
    2013-08-09 02:33 PM
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    Imagine a company which makes big bucks by doing actually nothing but just suing some people who actually did something with an abstract idea that they claim they came up with first!
    Sounds like the creator of this company could be cartman!
    2013-08-09 10:31 PM