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    Apple recently announced an upcoming expansion to its Affiliate Program, which now includes a partnership with Performance Horizon Group. The partnership is said to help the company extend the platform into additional countries. The news was relayed in a brief post to Apple’s Affiliate Resources website, which notes that the PHG partnership will not only provide affiliates with a new platform but also with an improved set of reporting tools as well.

    As the new platform is set to roll out in over 100 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, Apple is asking the participants in these specific regions to set up new accounts and update all existing links. If account holders don’t change their information before October 1, 2013, they could see an interruption in their commissions.

    Affiliates currently located in Europe and South America will still be on Apple’s platform with partner Tradedoubler and aren’t required to update their accounts. With Apple’s Affiliate program, blog owners can earn a commission on sales of music, apps, books and other content by linking to the media through their websites. The company is currently accepting applications via the iTunes Affiliate Program website as well.

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    2013-08-20 04:45 AM