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    Over the weekend, the team at Fiksu brought our attention to an interesting apparent discovery.

    For the first time, it looks like Apple has begun incorporating app ratings into their App Store Top Charts rankings.

    “While this isn’t an entirely unexpected development,” writes Tom Cummings of Fiksu, “it’s definitely a new change — one that we caught because we are constantly monitoring App Store positioning and visibility.”

    After some in-depth (and still ongoing) analysis by our Performance Labs team, we can conclude that Apple is testing changes to the iTunes ranking algorithm. What we don’t yet know is the entirety and permanence of these changes.
    If accurate, the new rankings criteria would represent a divergence of sorts from the status quo. In the old days, two factors chiefly impacted one’s App Store rank: download volume and velocity of those downloads.

    In order to rise up the ranks, your app needed lots of downloads in a short amount of time, Fiksu says. And to maintain that rank, you needed to continue acquiring new downloads.

    “While these two factors still contribute significantly to determining your app’s rank,” Cummings adds, “there are two key additions app marketers now need to be aware of...” (1) Ratings now affect rank, in addition to downloads, and (2) App store positioning now updates every 3 hours instead of every 15 minutes

    To recap the full report from Fiksu, check it out here.

    Source: Fiksu
    2013-08-26 07:12 PM
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    Queue reports of fake positive reviews.
    2013-08-26 09:00 PM