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    Shortly after a report slammed an Apple supplier for failing to meet labor laws in China, the iPhone maker responded and revealed that its investigators are already at the factory in question. Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet made the following comments to AllThingsD regarding the matter:

    We take any concerns about our suppliers very seriously, and our team of experts is on-site at Jabil Wuxi to look into new claims about conditions there.
    Apple recently revealed that it has conducted 14 “comprehensive audits” of Jabil in the last five years and three of those in the past 36 months alone. Jabil’s facility in Wuxi, China was also said to have performed above the company’s 92% average compliance rate for a 60-hour per work week limit. The company said the following regarding the matter:

    An audit conducted earlier this year did find that some employees had worked more than six consecutive days without a day of rest, and Jabil has been working with our team to better manage overtime.
    These comments were all made in response to the report which was issued earlier by watchdog group China Labor Watch. The group claimed that workers at the factory have over 100 hours of monthly mandatory overtime, which would be three times the legal limit. China Labor Watch also claimed that workers at the factory see more than 11 hours of standing work every day, while the Wuxi facility was also accused of inadequate training and hiring discrimination. According to China Labor Watch, the Jabil factory in Wuxi is claimed to be outputting new “iPhone 5C” units for Apple. The company has also scheduled a press conference for next week, at which it is expected to unveil the new low-cost plastic handset, as well as the new flagship “iPhone 5S.”

    Source: AllThingsD

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    2013-09-06 06:57 AM