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    OS X Mavericks is expected to be a major topic covered at Apple’s special media event next Tuesday, alongside iOS 7 and a number of other new product refreshes.

    But while it may be an important topic, OS X Mavericks probably won’t be released Tuesday, or even in the month of September for that matter. In fact, according to a report from 9to5Mac on Friday, we might not even see the release of OS X Mavericks until late October as Apple works hard on the push to iOS 7.

    OS X Mavericks will be the next major release of Mac OS X that will bring a number of new features to the Mac. Those include Finder tabs, iBooks, Maps, Safari notifications, iCloud keychain, multiple displays, quick reply notification functionality, file tags, and more. In addition, OS X Mavericks will be a lot lighter on system resources.

    iOS 7 is sill expected to launch relatively short after the media event on Tuesday regardless of the status of OS X Mavericks.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
    2013-09-06 07:45 PM