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    Amazon appears to be continuing its reach across the assorted mobile platforms announcing that it’s GameCircle and Whispersync game-syncing technologies were now available to developers programming for Apple’s iOS. The new development opens up the possibility of deep, cross-platform interoperability between games with a presence on more than one major mobile operating system. GameCircle and Whispersync would operate on iOS much in the same way that Apple’s Game Center and iCloud syncing does but the services would allow for saving and syncing on non-iOS devices.

    For example, a Kindle Fire owner could begin playing a game on that device before switching to an iPhone during travel. If the game’s developer has implemented GameCircle and Whispersync, data from the Kindle Fire would be saved to Amazon’s Web services cloud, with the save state then becoming available on the iOS version of the game.
    For those of you who didn’t know, Amazon introduced GameCircle in June of 2012 prior to unveiling the most recent generation of Kindle Fire devices. The service was initially available on those devices, which run a forked version of Google’s Android operating system. Over the summer, the online retailer expanded the service to include other Android devices. With the addition of Apple’s iOS, Amazon’s service now addresses the vast majority of the mobile device market.

    Amazon has already implemented the technology in one of its own offerings by the name of Air Patriots, a game available in Apple’s App Store, Amazon’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. GameCircle achievement game data syncing is free for developers to build into their games and it reportedly takes just under an hour to implement.

    The technology requires an iOS device to be running iOS 5.0 or later and it reportedly also works with Apple’s Game Center feature. The service is said to automatically resolve data conflicts stemming from incidents where multiple devices give conflicting saves out of order. Further information on the service is available at Amazon’s developer page for the GameCircle and Whispersync API for those of you who care to learn more about it.

    Source: Amazon (Developer Page)

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    2013-09-20 11:29 AM