1. Michael Essany's Avatar

    Time's up.

    When iCloud supplanted MobileMe in 2011, Apple gave paying MobileMe customers an additional 20 GB of iCloud storage as a parting gift of sorts in appreciation of their purchase.

    As MMi explained at the time, the storage was to be discontinued in September of 2012 but Apple ended up giving users another year of free storage.

    Well, that complimentary iCloud storage plan expired yesterday.

    For customers who use more than 5 GB of storage, they will now be required to purchase an additional 10 GB of storage for $20/year, 20 GB for $40/year, or 50 GB for $100/year.

    If you didn't upgrade, you were automatically placed in the free 5GB territory. If, however, you are above the
    5GB threshold, you probably noticed the cessation of a handful of iCloud features - iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Mail.

    According to Apple, users in this camp can either delete data from the cloud or pay up and upgrade to a suitable plan.

    Source: Apple
    2013-10-01 07:48 PM
  2. trevorrawson's Avatar
    They should do a package deal with iTunes Match and the iCloud service. Come up with better pricing.
    2013-10-01 08:36 PM
  3. ohthatguyagain's Avatar
    They should do a package deal with iTunes Match and the iCloud service. Come up with better pricing.
    +1. Good idea.
    2013-10-01 09:24 PM
  4. zrevai's Avatar
    Or at least come up with a way to have a family plan and pay once and split the total GB between whichever accounts you want. Paying a per account Data fee is going to get complicated for families who use one iTunes account for Music/Movies and had MobileMe accounts back before iCloud and use those same now separated accounts for iCloud syncing and backup.

    I personally had an iTunes account to start with, bought an iPhone and when offered I purchased the Family Pack of MobileMe (5 Accounts), then iCloud split those apart and now I still have 1 Account for iTunes which I share on all devices, 3 iCloud Accounts one on each persons devices. So to manage and keep track of even the 3 iCloud Accounts Data Plans is getting to be ridiculous at best. Apple IDs need to be simplified and if you can't merge 2 IDs into 1 then at least allow us to Group IDs together and have the data split between a group of Apple IDs. Grouping IDs into a single manageable location like MobileMe Family Packs did is a huge feature I miss about MobileMe
    2013-10-02 01:50 AM