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    On Friday, Apple gave San Jose Mercury News an exclusive look at its grandiose new "spaceship campus" that will be the iDevice-maker's new home in another 24-36 months.

    Today, Apple was showing off a miniature model of the proposed facilities, the details of which lend to our understanding of why this campus will take so long to construct and why it will cost so much.

    ”The concept of the building is collaboration and fluidity," said Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer. "It’ll provide a very open-spaced system, so that at one point in the day you may be in offices on one side of the circle and find yourself on the other side later that day.”

    The structure, proposed to be completed sometime in 2015, would feature solar panels covering the roof, an underground parking structure and be camouflaged by thousands of new trees planted on the grounds.
    As MMi previously reported, the final vote on the development proposal goes before the Cupertino City Council next Tuesday, October 15th.

    To check out the images published today of the mini-model campus, click here.

    Source: San Jose Mercury News
    2013-10-11 10:58 PM
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    I couldn't help it...
    2013-10-11 11:52 PM
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    Awesome, "this should be at least 2 or 3 times this size"..... Zoolander Rules!
    2013-10-12 01:47 AM
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    I couldn't help it...
    i love you for this
    2013-10-12 06:34 AM
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    I couldn't help it...
    God has totally put a cool point on your life record for this one!~
    if i can burn crosses..i can dance to anything.
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