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    Apple CEO Tim Cook recently memorialized the Cupertino city council’s unanimous approval of Apple’s new “spaceship” campus with a message on his newly created Twitter account. The tweet, which is the Apple CEO’s fifth one since joining the popular microblogging service in late September, called the campus Apple’s “home for innovation and creativity for decades to come.” Apple hopes to begin moving in to the Norman Foster designed development by 2016.

    The council’s approval, which was made late last night after hours of discussion means that Apple is in the home stretch of the permitting process for the new campus. Opponents of the plan have a 10-day window to file petitions for the council to reconsider Apple’s proposal, after which permits will be issued and Apple can begin the construction phase in earnest.

    The project which is roughly $5 billion was introduced in 2011 by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in what would turn out to be his final public appearance. Plans are currently calling for Apple to demolish all existing structures on the site and start from scratch, moving most of the infrastructure below ground and covering 80% f the land in native California grasses and trees around its new 2.6 million square foot ring-shaped main headquarters.

    Source: Tim Cook (Twitter)

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-10-17 06:06 AM
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    Leave that Apple Campus alone Tim and focus about creativity...
    2013-10-17 12:07 PM
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    HA^^ I'd say Apple has done pretty well since Steve's passing. Only going to get better.
    2013-10-17 02:38 PM