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    Apple’s Apple Store Web site has gone down Tuesday morning ahead of Apple’s special event indicating that the company is preparing to update the Web site with a number of new product releases. It is very common for the Apple Store to go down before an event like today's.

    Apple announced their special event on October 15th, noting that "We still have a lot to cover." Apple is expected to unveil updated MacBook Pros, iPads, iPad Minis, the Mac Pro, and OS X Mavericks at today's event at San Francisco's Yuerba Buena Center.

    The updated MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPad Mini are all expected to see hardware boosts, such as an A7X chip in the iPad, a potential A6 or A7 chip in the iPad Mini, which may also house a retina display, and all-new Haswell processors in the MacBook Pro.

    Apple's new operating system, OS X Mavericks, should receive a set in stone launch date today as well.

    Sources: Apple Store
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    Gunna watch the keynote during class! I'm not as excited because it's only Mavericks, iPads, and MBP (which I already have and won't be updating anytime soon unfortunately) but still, it's fun to see all these new additions!
    2013-10-22 04:23 PM